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In-Person Sales made Easy

Welcome to TimeExposure! We create in-person sales software to make photographers more profitable. Our award-winning application, ProSelect guides you through Presentation, Sales and complete Workflow to help you make higher sales and optimize your time producing image orders.

Curious to find out what ProSelect can do? Watch our Explore the Possibilities in ProSelect movie series on our Tutorial Movies page.

Selling Wall Art

ProSelect makes it easy to sell profitable, printed products from wall galleries to greeting cards.  With ProSelect, you don’t have to be a sales person to sell.  Simply load your images into ProSelect, and then guide your customer through decorating possibilities including showing image groupings, custom layouts and framed prints right on their walls using ProSelect’s Room View.

Ordering and invoicing takes just a few clicks and your orders are ready for final production.

TimeExposure offers free mentor sessions to qualified trial users and free ongoing training though live webinars and an extensive collection of video tutorials.

ProSelect helps your business grow and go

ProSelect is not a tablet app, it’s a complete software solution from slideshow presentation to final production.

With ProSelect Pro, you don’t need slideshow/video software, album or book design software, a presentation app, or layout creation software. It’s all in ProSelect Pro. Just combine it with Photoshop to automate your production and you’ll be selling and creating amazing products with little or no Photoshop knowledge.

"The only software you need for a successful studio is ProSelect, Photoshop and StudioCloud. That’s it!"

Julia Kelleher, photographer and trainer

With ProSelect, you’ll spend less time completing the sale and producing final images, and more time with your family.        

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ProSelect doesn’t cost more - it makes more...

"Just wanted to thank you for this wonderful software. I swear it is a license to print money - I have had nearly $8,000 in sales in the last three days! Just thought you might like to know how often (and it is almost everytime) MY clients make remarks like What wonderful software you have for showing the photos. Happened again this morning, on the back of a $1300 sale to boot!"

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Craig Stewart, Craig Stewart Photography

"I have used ProSelect since late '04 and have seen it go through the many changes to arrive at where it is today. All I can say is this is an application that no portrait or wedding studio can do without! It has made my job as a photographer and salesman both simple and profitable. The work flow is clean with its ability to link into Photoshop through the production module and the linking into RAW files.

The production module for building layouts and book orders is without compare and has made the production end of my business fast and easy. I have tried a lot of the viewing, selling and production softwares available but ProSelect is it for me!"

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Stephen Walker, grapeshot studios